The WAVICIDE® Disinfecting / Sterilizing Tray System is an integral part of The Scientific System for Better Aseptic Technique.

Long Lasting: WAVICIDE® Tray Systems are virtually unbreakable, chemically resistant and autoclavable up to 300°C.

Convenient Sizes: WAVICIDE® Tray Systems are available in four different configurations, providing convenience and minimizing waste.

Minimizes Exposure: WAVICIDE® Tray Systems are designed to limit vapor release, reduce exposure and provide a safer working environment.

Cost Effective: WAVICIDE® Tray Systems are constructed of high quality plastics and make an ideal replacement for expensive stainless steel trays.

WAVICIDE® Tray Systems are available in the following convenient configurations:


1321 Large clear tray with drain shelf and lid. 20 7/8"L X 12 3/4"W X 6"D
1210 Small clear tray with drain shelf and lid. 12"L X 10"W X 6"D
2711 Small blue tray with drain basket and lid. 11"L X 7 3/4"W X 4 3/4"D
2722 Gray tray with hinged lid & drain basket with handle. 10 1/4"L X 5"W X 3 1/4"D